Beautiful Things for Beautiful People

Beautiful Things for Beautiful People

Beautiful Things for Beautiful PeopleBeautiful Things for Beautiful PeopleBeautiful Things for Beautiful People

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Beautiful Things for Beautiful People

For as far back as I can remember I have always been working by my mother's side Flossie, in her store. I remember being three years old and sleeping under the tables of her booth at The Convention Center. This enormous indoor flea market on Miami Beach, which ran seasonally for a couple of months in 1983. It was here that I first learned my Mom was a business woman, a holder of space for the community, and a teacher. It is now at this moment, the opening of Hattie's House that I acknowledge that I too are these things. I have always felt a connection and pull to the practices of the African Diasporas, even as far removed geographically as I am. I give credit to embodying movement and dance which has organically bridged the gap between ritual and practice where I can connect the physical to the metaphysical consciousness and to realize the same principles that govern the universe resides within me as well. 

Meet Hattie Mae Williams owner of Hattie's House

Hattie's House...A Place for Spiritual Refuge and Growth

Meet Owner Hattie Mae Williams of Hattie's House. Daughter of Flossie from the infamous shop Downtown Flossie's, that unfortunately closed two years ago from an electrical fire. But all things that are destroyed makes way for new beginnings and adventures. Om Nama Shiva! This conscious gift shop will  feature Energy Tools,crystals,  free meditations, witchy vibes, African Traditional Ritual products, and self care items. Come get your crystals, candles, oils and much more in North Miami and support this Black owned business... Metaphysical in Miami...Gift Shop in Miami

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